Costume & Make-up – the Covid Effect

An interactive panel session with experienced practitioners including Set Etiquette’s Tracey Ewen Powell, focusing on the challenges raised by Covid 19 and how to overcome them and work safely. There will be opportunities to share good practice and provide support. The aim is to provide a safe environment where everyone present is able to engage in a safe and confidential environment.

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Film and Television, let us help you

SET ETIQUETTE has been established to facilitate the need for trained crew across the many departments within the TV and Film industry.

Our tutors are talented screen professionals, experienced in all aspects of Film, Commercials and TV programme production.

Using these pooled resources, SET ETIQUETTE will pass our considerable knowledge and experience onto the next generation.

Gain a thorough grounding of departmental expectations. SET ETIQUETTE courses will ensure that when you arrive on set, it will not be an overwhelming or a daunting experience.

According to recent statistics, the UK film industry currently contributes almost £8bn to the economy, employing in excess of 80.000 people.

With our help, it will be possible for students to quickly find success within this exciting industry.

Coronavirus basic awareness on production training

Module type: Online learning
Estimated time: 40 minutes (module) + 20 minutes (assessment test)

An online learning module and assessment test from ScreenSkills are designed specifically for freelancers/crew working in physical production in the film and high-end TV industries.

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This course gave more information, advice and insight than you could possibly collect in weeks or months on a live set or production. It affirmed my decision to pursue a career in the screen industry

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Perfect Partners!

We offer one to one training in any department you feel you would like to excel in. By using our mentor schemes we will help you find your way in this exciting business.

Also we offer an in house Events Service.

Our network of Film and TV Professionals will help you celebrate that special event.
We have Make up artists, who can teach and advise on all manner of problems, from how to apply your make up for that important interview or event, to full scale commercial photo shoots.

Costume designers are also on hand, should you need their professional opinion. They can offer you styling tips and advice, or take you shopping, using their creative skills to make the best of your wardrobe. They will use their High-street knowledge for tailor made options and advice.

Set Designers are on tap to help you with that room colour design. Tricky decisions such as how to make use of an awkward space will be dealt with in a swift and professional manner.

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