Tracey Ewen Powell talks with Ray Holman

Tracey and Ray discuss why running a costume team for a continuing drama is different from high-end TV drama. They also talk about the similarities and explain the process of putting together a style and look for a specific show.

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SET ETIQUETTE has been established to facilitate the need for trained crew across the many departments within the TV and Film industry.

Our tutors are talented screen professionals, experienced in all aspects of Film, Commercials and TV programme production.

Using these pooled resources, SET ETIQUETTE will pass our considerable knowledge and experience onto the next generation.

Gain a thorough grounding of departmental expectations. SET ETIQUETTE courses will ensure that when you arrive on set, it will not be an overwhelming or a daunting experience.

According to recent statistics, the UK film industry currently contributes almost £8bn to the economy, employing in excess of 80.000 people.

With our help, it will be possible for students to quickly find success within this exciting industry.

Courses / Events

Coronavirus basic awareness on production training

Module type: Online learning
Estimated time: 40 minutes (module) + 20 minutes (assessment test)

An online learning module and assessment test from ScreenSkills are designed specifically for freelancers/crew working in physical production in the film and high-end TV industries.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend experience. It was very informative and helpful. Not only did you give an in-depth insight to the industry, but also the very personal accounts of what to expect - it is these golden nuggets that made the workshop all the more enjoyable and engaging.It has been a very thought-provoking couple of days and I thank you for igniting a renewed vigour and excitement for my career in the future. I shall continue to work on my brand and online presence, including editing the waffle on my out-dated C.V. Mary's lector on this was very helpful. Thank you all once again for your time, knowledge and experience but most of all your kind and friendly natures. I hope our paths cross in the future.

Danial Thatcher


1 to 1 Sessions

Bespoke hour-long sessions tailored to your needs and requirements with either;
Tracey Ewen Powell – Costume Designer (30 years’ experience)
Mary Hare – Line Producer / Producer  (35 years’ experience)

Career Advice

What is the best way to break into Film & TV? How to make the next step up the ladder? And anything else you want to know. These are just a few questions that they can answer for you.


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Set Etiquette

Are you ready to start in the industry but you’re worried about how to behave on your first day? How do I read a call sheet? Do I need to wear anything special? What do these abbreviations mean? This hour-long session will give you the confidence and knowledge to feel more comfortable on your first day.


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CV Review

During this hour-long session your CV will be reviewed. You will be given advice on the best way to get noticed to enable you to secure that first job in TV and Film.  This includes a free email review of your new CV by 2 film professions. Simply email your completed CV to us and we will review it for you.


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Hour-long sessions with;
Andrew Minns – Coaching and Mentoring (25 years’ experience)

Personal Impact

Peoples first impressions of you make a real difference to how they think about you. This session gives you the opportunity to explore and discuss the impact you make and ways to improve this.


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Dealing with Change

These days change is something that happens constantly especially in the film and TV industry. Change can throw up challenges, this session looks at what people go through during change and how we can deal with this more effectively.


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6 x 45-minute sessions

Your experience and future opportunities will include positive and negative situations, these 1:1 coaching sessions are available to work with you to increase the positives and tackle the negatives.

Price on application

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Perfect Partners!

We offer one to one training in any department you feel you would like to excel in. By using our mentor schemes we will help you find your way in this exciting business.

Also we offer an in house Events Service.

Our network of Film and TV Professionals will help you celebrate that special event.
We have Make up artists, who can teach and advise on all manner of problems, from how to apply your make up for that important interview or event, to full scale commercial photo shoots.

Costume designers are also on hand, should you need their professional opinion. They can offer you styling tips and advice, or take you shopping, using their creative skills to make the best of your wardrobe. They will use their High-street knowledge for tailor made options and advice.

Set Designers are on tap to help you with that room colour design. Tricky decisions such as how to make use of an awkward space will be dealt with in a swift and professional manner.

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